By attending and/or participating in the 2020 “6th Annual Tour de Corgi” (the “Event), I agree to the following:

1. Dogs must be kept ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES.
2. No aggressive dogs are allowed, or females in heat.
3. You must clean up after your own dog’s poop, pee, vomit….etc. Bags and trash receptacles will be provided.
4. Dogs must be up-to-date on vaccinations, including rabies, parvo and kennel cough.
5. During the parade, all normal city traffic and pedestrian laws must be followed.
6. Generally, all normal city and state laws must be followed.
7. Non-compliance with these rules will result in expulsion or calling the police and/or animal control.
8. By participating in or attending this event you agree to a global and general waiver of liability, as outlined below:

Release of Liability by Attendees-Participants-Volunteers and Vendors: “Tour de Corgi, Ltd.” and all associated entities and individuals, including: The City of Fort Collins, *The Larimer County Human Society*, *The Colorado Corgi Rescue*, event organizers, volunteers, vendors and sponsors do not assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or injured dogs at the Event or around the Event Venue.

By bringing a dog to this Event Venue and/or participating in the Event in any manner, you do so entirely at your own risk and assume all responsibility and liability including cost and expenses in the event of any harm to the dog in your care, to other dogs, persons and to yourself.

By attending this Event should the dog in your care incur or cause any injury to any person, including yourself, other dog(s) or property as a result of the behavior of the dog in your care (or anyone else’s care) at this Event or in or around the Event Venue, whether expected or unexpected, regardless of the stimulus for the behavior (i.e., animal’s spontaneous conduct, the conduct of another animal, the conduct of any person or thing, or a combination of any of these), as the dog handler, dog owner or other and as the Event attendee, participant, volunteer or vendor you are solely liable and will be held responsible for any injury or property damage that results there from (including reasonable attorneys fees).

As an attendee, participant, volunteer or vendor, you further agree that you will indemnify, hold harmless, protect and defend “Tour de Corgi, L.L.C.” and the associated entities and individuals for any and all claims of liability and damages from any injury, property damage, loss, claim, or expense resulting from the behavior of any dog in your care, custody or control, temporary or immediate, and to report any and all such injuries immediately to “Tour de Corgi, L.L.C.”.